It is not about hot flashes or night sweats. These might go away with time but what you lose with the loss of your hormones will continue to have its effects on you and progressively get worse. You might better consider hot flashes and night sweats as a serine or a clear alarm from your body to you to seek advice and adjust your hormones again. Living without your hormones cause fatigue, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, depression, muscle and bone aches, memory loss, loss of Libido, weight gain, hair loss, skin wrinkles, heart problems, increase in cancer incidence, Dementia, vaginal dryness and many more symptoms and sequelae.

You don’t have to suffer a single moment on your own. You don’t have to ask your grandmother or your girl friends what they do. You don’t have to google treatments and see what others tried and start experimenting on yourself.

Then what can you do?

Come for a consult!

Bio Identical Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

You can prevent the suffering early on, prevent Aging, even reverse Aging by using Bio Identical Natural Hormones Replacement Therapy and many other modalities that we use in our program Pause the Menopause. You will have an initial consult for 75 minutes then several follow ups during the year. You will be given a tailored hormone, made specific for your condition, considering you medical back ground and your lab results, clinical exam and symptoms. You will followed closely to adjust your levels to the least amount needed and the best results to achieve with less to no side effects.

You will begin to feel a difference and your family will notice the difference too!

It is all about balancing your hormones. Hormones are the way to reverse your Age.

PAUSE the Menopause

Our special program PAUSE the Menopause offers multi-dimensional Anti-Aging, physical, mental, sexual and emotional care for you to live, in this moment in time with your best health forward.