Double Board certified internal medicine, anti-aging & regenerative medicine

Certified swiss biological medicine physician

designated civil surgeon, USCIS

  • American Board of Internal Medicine.
  • American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine.
  • Fellow of American Board of Anti Aging and Metabolic Medicine
  • Certified Biological Doctor, Swiss Biological Academy, Switzerland.
  • Certified Trainer in International Ethics in Medical Research. University of Maryland.
  • Cambridge Diploma of Teachers and Trainers, Cambridge, England.
  • President and Founder of IntegrUtopia MD
  • Vice President and co-founder of Newport Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine.
  • Former Integrative Medicine Consultant in Bodylogic MD
  • Former Functional Health Consultant in Cenegenics
  • Former Lead Physician Internal Medicine Department, UCLA.
  • Former Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA.
  • Former Chief of Coumadin clinic in South Bay, UCLA.
  • Associate Professor in Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department in Kasr El Aini School of Medicine, Cairo University.

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Redefining Medicine
American Board Of Internal Medicine
Medical Board Of California
wayne state university


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I have to say Dr. Lashin is amazing on so many levels. The first thing I noticed about her is how much she cares about each patient she sees. My personal experience is she immediately connected with me. I felt so cared for and truly loved by the way she spoke to me and all the time she spent with me. I had been experiencing a serious medical issue for over a year. I was so tired, I could hardly stay awake during the day. I had a general feeling of “unwell- ness”. After she asked me questions that nobody had asked me, about my symptoms and health history, she assured me that she could help me. was so hopeful. I trusted her because I knew she really cared about me personally. I immediately started her recommended protocol and did the necessary tests she asked me to do. It’s only been a few weeks of treatment and not only do I have more energy than I’ve had for over a year, all the symptoms I’ve had for the past year are gone! It’s unbelievable to me how much she has helped me in such a short period of time. I have sent all of my patients to her and family members. All I hear from everyone that sees her is how much they love her because they feel loved and cared for. And just like my experience with Dr. Lashin, she has been able to elevate their health to a level they never thought possible. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about her. I LOVE Dr. Lashin!❤️

Molly Fini

I met Dr. Lashin when I started having many discomforts with my body after 2020. I had digestive problems, headaches, weight gain, insomnia, and other issues and didn’t know where to go anymore. When Dr. Lashin greeted me at the first appointment, I was comfortable with her immediately. She took time to listen and answered my questions patiently, and her holistic approach really made sense to me. She helped me understand what were the cause of my issues. Dr. Lashin has long term experience as a gastrointestinal expert, and now she provides holistic integrative treatments as well. My treatment plans were very different from any places I had gone to previously. Dr. Lashin approached the root of the problems rather than just suppressing my symptoms. She treated my hormones and I feel so much better now, not only physically but also mentally. I am very happy with the results and feel very youthful. I was almost hopeless before I went to Dr. Lashin, but there is a solution! Thank you so much, Dr. Lashin. You are an amazing doctor!

Dr Lashin is an excellent medical doctor who can detect the root of problems. She is a holistic hormone expert with tremendous experience. She tailors the treatment to your personal needs. She is very personable and easy to talk to. My experience was extremely positive. I highly recommend Dr. Lashin. Sahar Lashin, MD, PhD, MSc, ABAARM, FAAMM.

Adriana Michaels

Dr Lashin is a very caring dr. She really takes the time to figure out what is really going on with you and fix it not just guess. She does very specific tests that get to the heart of the issue. I highly recommend her. I have seen her for stomach as well as hormones. Sahar Lashin, MD, PhD, MSc, ABAARM, FAAMM.

Cami Reed

If you’re looking for a doctor that listens, explains to you details of your condition and what the right treatment is, Dr Lashin is definitely the right doctor for you. She gives you an integrative and wholesome treatment that traditional doctors rarely provide. Highly recommended!


Dr Lashin is genuinely one of those rare true health professional who is more about health and wellness than about prescription drugs, an MD that listens, and takes the time for explaining to you the details of your condition and what the right treatment is She provides a scientific based integrative and holistic approach that gets you feeling better even before you start any treatment protocol! #wellness #integrative


Dr Lashin is a real expert in helping me to maintain my healthy lifestyle. I have been through many physicians but finally was able to find a knowledgeable doctor who have the means to help me. I highly recommend Dr Lashin as an expert and a great integrative Doctor.

Shaher Hassan

Dr. Lashin is simply the best. She is very knowledgeable and caring. She truly listens and takes care of her patients. I never look forward to feeling sick, but I do always look forward to seeing her. She is very thorough, and takes the time to go over lab results with her patients, one by one Dr.Lashin has both intelligence and compassion, which makes her an exceptional doctor.

Katelyn Drury

Dr. Lashin sincerely cares about a person entire being, not just physical but emotional as well. She is patient, kind and will take the time to clearly explain things in terms that I can understand. Alex in the front office and Anna the lab tech were wonderful, both of them were kind and exceeded my expectations. It was a blessing to have met Dr. Lashin and her office staff. Thank you for your compassion and kindness!

Beverly M

Dr. Lashin is a multi faceted and intuitive doctor. Who listens and works together with the patient for optimal results..

Anita morales

Dr Lashin is The first Egyptian American medical doctor to be certified from Swiss Biological Medicine Academy from Switzerland.

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July 2024