About Us

TOP Doctor 2022 Award


“Life is a journey, better enjoyed in Health”

Dr Sahar Lashin, MD,PhD

We are a group of passionate doctors and health providers who teamed together because of their common strong belief of exceptional Health care concepts.
We have created your AGELESS UTOPIA in a medical clinic which feels like a home for you.
The sophisticated human being needs much more than a pill and a prescription.
When I was a simple classic primary care physician who do so much yet I repeatedly found my patients trying to solve their problems in a more holistic way, spending hours researching themselves what to take as an alternative to classic medications, I had to step in and help in a different way.
Inspired by my own patients needs, I developed a vision that medical care should include everything the body and soul needs.
It should be a Utopia for Health not a clinic for sickness!
We need genuine care to all aspects of our health; body, Mind, Brain functions, psychological health, hormones, intimate life, digestive systems, memory and so much more,
That’s why we are here for you !
We have been there personally so we know. Everyone of us had his own challenges which changed our mindsets to a much higher level of functionality in the medical field. Since we know by first hand that the classic ways are standing short in front of the human multifaceted medical needs, we created a model for medical care which addresses all the areas that classic doctors won’t think about or address or even know it exists!
This place is your stop before and after all life events, preparing for a test, getting ready for a vacation, recovering from a disease, to avoid catching a disease, prevent memory loss, fix your Gut…. Just name it !
About - Dr Sahar Lashin